Philadelphia LGBTQ Alliance of Students Organized for Health (LASOH) was created as a city-wide health students coalition to serve as a sustainable means of furthering health initiatives for the city’s LGBTQ population. The collaborative work of LASOH members is a powerful way to provide service to the city’s LGBTQ community. LASOH is a cohesive body that facilitates the implementation of LGBTQ health initiatives.

Philadelphia LASOH was the outgrowth of informal projects focused on LGBTQ health initiatives coordinated by students at a number of Philadelphia medical schools (see full list below).  Through these collaborations it became evident that the wealth of health professions students in the Philadelphia region was a powerful means of effecting change. In order to harness the abilities and enthusiasm of health students dedicated to serving the LGBTQ community, LASOH was created.

In order to assure the group’s sustainability, a formal partnership with the Mazzoni Center was established.

LASOH membership is composed of students from medical schools in the Philadelphia area, including but not limited to:

If you are a medical student, physician assistant or nursing student and want to get involved with LASOH,  check out our Connect page.